The Dramedy that is my Life

I just keep waiting for the punchline...

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Big John
14 March 1963
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I'm Big John.
I refer to myself as "Big John", not just because I'm a big guy (6' 5½" 265 lbs.), but because there's too damn many Johns out there. Sure, I've been called "Bigfoot", "Stretch", "Sasquatch", etc. Take your pick; I'll answer to any of 'em.



The usual Cast of Characters:
I've got 3 kids, none of whom live with me.
My two older children are from my first marriage. Caitlin (bibliobibuli) joined a kibbutz, studied permaculture and now works on a farm in NY. Keil (puddingmaster) is an aspiring actor who is currently working 2 jobs until he gets his big break.
My youngest is my 18 year old son, Jamie, who's got Down Syndrome. He lives with his mom.
I got married for the 3rd and final time to MaryAnn (marsidotes) on New Year's Eve, 2005!

my profession:
I'm a signmaker at the VA Hospital in Northport. I always wanted to be an artist, specifically, a cartoonist, and this job is the closest I get to being professionally creative. I occasionally post my artwork in my journal; my journal background is a reworked version of Heaven and Hell by M.C. Escher.

My attitude towards life
To me, everything is either a song cue, an opportunity for a joke, or a segue to some cartoon dialogue. I've been quoting Monty Python for over 25 years.
I believe the world would be a better place if people would stop taking things so seriously.
Not that I don't get pissed off sometimes, too. My biggest pet peeve: lousy drivers!

Anyway, I enjoy looking into the cyberlives of other people and hope to make some new journal friends here. If you want to add me to your Friends list, go right ahead! Just let me know in a comment.
I don't Update as often as I'd like, mostly because I don't type very fast, so it takes me awhile to get my thoughts down sometimes.

Quiet on the set!...
...roll cameras!....

....and... ACTION !!!

Shit! I forgot my lines.....

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