Big John (wackdaddy) wrote,
Big John

Summer's half over already?

Wow, I can't believe it's the end of July already. It's been a good season so far. After a record amount of rain in June, the weather has evened itself out for the most part. We've spent a lot of time enjoying the renovated backyard. Squirrels managed to dig up and/or eat almost all of the 200 or so bulbs that we planted, but the flower beds still look okay. We've had plenty of friends and family come over for BBQs and to swim in the pool, and we're anxious for more. sweetmeow and her hubby spent the day with us a few weeks ago. That was nice. Any more of you locals want to get together?

I think it's time for some pictures.....

Let's start with a pic from last year, with our granddaughter doing a handstand split in the pool (click to enlarge):

Between the pool and the house, you can see a bit of the old wooden deck and the overgrown landscaping.

Jump ahead to October, with the first part of the yard destruction, the splintery old deck:

The green stuff you see poking up through the debris is aaaghh!! bamboo!!!

The Bobcat, workhorse of the landscaper:

The tricky part: moving the storage shed...

The oil tank had to be moved also, to get the bamboo roots dug up.

On the newly blank slate, a concrete base gets laid down:

Then the pavers go down:

Almost done...

The finished yard, as of November:

And the way the yard looks now:

So who wants to join us?

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