Big John (wackdaddy) wrote,
Big John

Snow Foolin'

I'm glad another winter storm has come and gone. Luckily this one wasn't as bad as December's.
The trouble with this blizzard was that it took awhile for all the snow to decide when it was going to finish falling. I shoveled my driveway 3 times on Wednesday. The first time was around 7am, when there was only 2 inches of fluffy snow on the pavment. Took less than an hour.

As I was shoveling my driveway for the 2nd time (around 1pm), my neighbor Steve came out of his house, wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, and walked down his barely-cleared driveway to his son's car, which had been parked in the street. At this point, there was another 4 inches of snow since the morning, and the snowplows had already gone by a couple of times, so there was a good foot-and-a-half of snow encasing the little black Mazda. Steve cleared a 1 foot by 2 foot rectangle from the car's windshield, got behind the wheel, and proceeded to start "rocking" the car --- forward an inch, backward an inch, forward 2 inches, backward 2 inches... I figured he just wanted to move the car out of the street before the plows came around again. After 5 or 10 minutes, he had cleared about a foot of space in front and back of the car, but mostly he was just spinning his wheels.

I couldn't stand to watch him any more, so I went over and shoveled a large ridge of snow from the front fender area to give him a better chance of actually pulling away from the curb. He managed to swing out into the street, where I thought he knock some more of the snow off the car before putting it in the driveway. But instead, he honked Thank You and drove down the street until I couldn't see him anymore through the blowing snow. At this point, I was sorry I helped him out. That's the kind of thing I would yell "MORON!!!" at if I was driving the other way.

After about 20 minutes, I had reached the bottom of my driveway. Steve came rolling back up the street; the car had been cleared of snow. He kept going, driving around the cross street a few times until he finally pulled back in front of his house and parked the car about a car length ahead of where it was in the first place.
He got out of the car and headed back up his driveway. "Thanks, John!"
"No problem... What'd you do, just go out for a joyride?"
"I just wanted to see how my son's car handles in the snow. Not very well."
"Yeah, I noticed! I'm glad I have a Jeep now."
"Yeah, my wife had to go to work today [they also have a Jeep], but I haven't heard from her yet..."
And with that, he went back in his house.

Then the plows came by again. More of the white crap to reshovel. Took about an hour and a half total.

I went out one last time at about 9pm. There was another 6 inches of fresh and drifted snow. And this time it was damp and heavy. I cleared around the cars first, then figured I better do the end of the driveway before I get too tired. I cleared the foot-high lumps of slush from the driveway apron just in time for the plows to come by again with a fresh load. Thanks a lot, ya sons-a-bitches!! I appreciate the job they do, but at that point I just wasn't in the mood. I finally finished by about 11:30pm.

All this Global Warming is giving me body aches!

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